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    The Most Colourful Cookbook

    This book is designed for all those who love food, life, travelling and searching for various colourful flavours and beautiful smells of any kind of food or ingredients. For all those who love discovering colourful cultures of the world through food and stories and mainly who are not afraid of experimenting.

    This book is full of traditional recipes I learned from the chefs and housewives during my travelling across the world. It also contains my personal recipes which I made up based on my experience and inspiration from my travels. Many of them are based on meat (mostly the traditional recipes) but you will find plenty of vegetarian options and ideas too. All meals are colourful, flavourful, and filled with love!

    All the most popular meals from the most colourful countries are finally united in a single book and you can cook them at home without the slightest worry. The thing is "keeping it simple is effective and imagination has no limits".

    Discover the best of the Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Peruvian or Mexican cuisine along with my own recipes and let yourself be inspired. THE MOST COLOURFUL COOKBOOK is simply a book for all those who love variety and colours in their hearts, lives, and on their plates.

    Have you ever thought that colourful food is the healthiest and most variety food?

    If you want to send the book overseas, don't worry, we send WORLDWIDE!
    Send us an e-mail to and we will sort it out with you individually.

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    Product description

    In order to prevent any plastic packaging, you will obtain your book in a COLOURFUL ECO BAG.

    The bag is made of quality eco-cotton made in England and printed using the eco-printing technology.



    The amount of 5 € is sent straight to Voříšek, a dog shelter in Olomouc

     where we walk the dogs on a regular basis and transport the proceeds from 

     the sale of our books. Mr. Dostál and his wife take in dogs even with serious problems 

    and put them back together physically as well as emotionally.

    However, this couple also have a mortgage for this place and run it with their own 

    funding without any grants. We have already contributed to them by  12,000 €

    through the sale of our books and we are proud to be their sponsors. Thank you for all your help.


    More information, including the number of the transparent 

    bank account, can be found at


    Technical specifications

    • 460 pages, hardcover 210x280 mm

    • Cover: Peyer Leinen, metallic embossing foil, partial varnishing (3D effect)

    • Paper: 150 g Luxoart samt volumen

    • Weight: 2,600 g

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