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    Shelter Vořísek has existed for over 10 years, and thanks to its services over 1,200 dogs were saved. Located in the Czech Republic, they take care of more than 60 dogs every day. The shelter maintains the care of dogs while ensuring everything is clean and safe for all the dogs. The costs associated are huge and the shelter can't manage it alone. Any financial help and materials offered are greatly appreciated. We decided to contribute and help. Since 2017, we donated roughly 200,000 Czech korunas, and we will continue to donate. You can learn more at and you can also contribute by purchasing necessary items or by using a transparent account 43-7715910237 / 0100.



    An international organization helping people in need. It has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1992. It is supported through funds which are contributed by individual donors, companies, organizations and capital endowment. You can also contribute in various ways. More information can be found on the official website, Before Christmas last year, we decided to donate to those who really needed it. Although I would like to help as much as possible, we chose four specific families to whom we donated money to.


    Nikola Hořejší

    Nikola was born prematurely. The next day after birth she suffered severe bleeding to the brain. Unfortunately, 11-year-old Nikola suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or sit alone. She underwent several special treatments that helped her. However, they are very expensive, and they are not covered by the national health insurance. We donated 50,000kc to Nikola.


    Eliška and her son Matyáš

    Eliška, as a mother, suffered a serious stroke while giving birth to her son Maytáš. Because of this, she had to learn a lot of basic skills again. Despite having the psychological support from her son Matyášek and her husband, Eliška needs a lot of therapy to help her regain her mental state in order to live her life to the fullest. We donated 80 000kc to the whole family.


    Hynek Skůra

    Hynek survived clinical death at the age of three. Although he is mentally stable for his age, he does require constant care in daily life routines. Rehabilitation and therapy help to improve his lifestyle however, it is not covered by the national health insurance. We donated 60,000kc to Hynek



    František lives alone with his father in disability retirement. They live alone after his mother left them shortly after giving birth. František is unwell and his father is alone supporting all expenses. František needs various therapies to improve his condition so he can return to living and enjoying life. We donated 50,000kc



    A farm that rescues farm animals from poor living conditions, keeping them in a happy place purely as a sanctuary and not for food. They recognize the Code of Ethics and Ecology environment. I take my profits from the sale of cookbooks, bags, and other events that I held in the summer of 2019 together with @funky_dog, and donated 77,000kc to the “Farm of Joy”.

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