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    These bags were originally made and used only as packaging for our books

    so we could avoid wasting unnecessary plastics during the distribution.

    However, as you like them so much and keep asking for them,


    can finally be bought on their own!

    The fabric (cotton) bags are produced ecologically in Great Britain

    and printed using natural ecological colours in the Czech Republic.

    Quality print, firm material, and unique

    design made by our illustrator, Anička Kočová @_annie_carter_

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    12 € VAT 21%
    Our price without VAT:
    9.92 €
    No additional discounts can be applied to these goods.
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    Product description

    The amount of 2 € is sent straight to Voříšek, a dog shelter in Olomouc

     where we walk the dogs on a regular basis and transport the proceeds from 

     the sale of our books. Mr. Dostál and his wife take in dogs even with serious problems 

    and put them back together physically as well as emotionally.

    However, this couple also have a mortgage for this place and run it with their own 

    funding without any grants. We have already contributed to them by  12,000 €

    through the sale of our books and we are proud to be their sponsors. Thank you for all your help.


    More information, including the number of the transparent 

    bank account, can be found at

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